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Contrary to what some  so-called scholars say, barometers have an influence on the time : it is not because there is bad weather that the barometer indicates the weather is bad, but rather because that it indicates that there will be bad weather there is bad weather !

Thus barometers at large, that is to say, by including not only mercury or electronic barometers , but also the indices, such as price, fertility, rents, agencies notations, and shall I dare (?!) surveys, and, and, and, shall I dare (?!) our sacrosanct journalists, - the barometers play a key role in our life, greatly influence it !







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Au-dessous, vous avez un lien vers un site américain qui essaie d'oeuvrer pour des medias américains plus indépendants.
Below, you have a link to a U.S. site that tries to work for U.S. media more independent





link : http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=100












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